A white roof reflects and emits the sun's heat back to the sky cooling it, instead of transferring it to the building below.
What are the Benefits of having a White Roof?


White Roof Tech is a state-of-the-art acrylic, three-layered polymer rubber-like roof product designed to protect all types of flat roofs from water and heat. Any roof will benefit from our cool roof system, because it will protect your new roof or repair your old or damaged roof. In applying this polymer coating, your entire roof surface will be protected and bound together as if it were new. Your new roof will be free from damage and ponding water. All leaks will cease to drip water to the floor below. Additionally, because this substance is highly reflective, it will also significantly reduce the amount of heat your roof absorbs. This reduces heating costs significantly by reducing the amount of heat radiated into your building by half. This is not only environmentally friendly because it reduces the amount of money required to be spent on heating, but it saves you money for the same reason.
Metal Roofs:
Metal roofs often require roof waterproofing because of built-up of rust. While many roofs are made of steel or other non-rusting metals, there are often screws or bolts that are made of iron, and thus are susceptible to rust. If they do rust, they can often expand and cause warping, so it is important to install waterproofing roofing to prevent this from occurring to reduce costs incurred from replacing sections of a metal roof.
Asphalt Roofs:
Asphalt roofs often suffer from warping when subjected to rapid temperature changes. This can often occur in the summer when it is very hot and it rains. The asphalt roof is heated up by the sun, and then the rain rapidly cools it down. Installing Tambour’s waterproofing rubber roof system will protect your asphalt roof from warping under the strain of rapid temperature changes.
Concrete Roofs:
Concrete is a porous material, which means it is almost sponge-like in its makeup. This means it will absorb water (though not quite in the same way a sponge will), meaning it actually increases in size when it rains. This can lead to damage caused by increases in pressure that can reduce the structural integrity of the concrete. It is important to install roof waterproofing to ensure concrete doesn’t warp when it absorbs water. This not only increases safety, but reduces the potential costs of replacing broken concrete roofing.

This system involves a three-layer acrylic polymer structure that binds to form a seamless rubber-like roof coating across the entire surface. Our rubber roof will create a virtually new roof that will protect your from any potential sun damage. Along with protecting your property from sun damage this revolutionary rubber roof will also completely seal your roof to protect from further warping that may be caused by water. Our rubber roof can withstand temperatures from (-40◦F) to (180◦F) and because our rubber roofing is also so highly reflective it also ensures your roof will no longer absorb tremendous amounts of heat. This is incredibly important for many types of roofs (such as black asphalt) because this is the surface that absorbs the most heat from the sun. In the summer many types of roofs heat up to reach double the surrounding air temperature. In 85 degree weather these roofs can reach heights of 175 degrees. This can cause very heavy damage to a roof, as well as increase heating costs substantially in the building below. It is estimated that up to 30% of an average office building’s costs will be related to energy. In the summer this can be quite strenuous, because air conditioning is much more expensive than heating. By installing a cool roof coating on your tristate home or office, energy efficiency will improve substantially and you will be able to invest the money saved in other things.
Our rubber roof is an incredibly easy spray on roofing product to apply to any roof. There is no roof too large or too small. The principle is exactly the same for any roof, no matter the substance. The three-layer polymer spray is simply applied directly to the flat surfaces of a roof in order to seal cracks and leaks, protect it against further water damage, and ensure the roof does not absorb excess heat from the sun.


Reducing water damage and increasing energy efficiency are important things for business owners to think about. This is why White Roof Technology offers commercial and industrial roofing installation services for those who wish to have our sealants installed on their business’s roof. Our white roofing system is designed for a variety of surfaces that are commonly used in commercial and industrial roofing including asphalt, bitumen, concrete and various metals. Our acrylic, rubber cool roof system will replace your business’s roof as well as protect it from further damage from water, heat and ultraviolet rays. Because of this, it is perfect for those who want to reduce heating costs for their business. Our commercial roof installation system is so simple that anyone can apply it. All it requires is a flat roof. The substance that the roof is made from is irrelevant. Applying the white roof coating itself is incredibly easy, though we will happily apply it for people if they have large buildings that they need covered. We often apply our rubber roofing to buildings as large as 100,000 square feet, so we definitely understand if people are unwilling to undertake such a feat on their own. Please visit our contact page if you wish to discuss this service more with us. We will be more than happy to assist you.

White Roof Technology offers a residential roofing installation service for those wishing to reduce water damage and increase the energy efficiency of their home’s roof. Our home roofing installation service is designed for a variety of surfaces including asphalt, bitumen, concrete and various metals. Our rubber roof system will protect your roof from heat, ultraviolet rays and damage from water. Because of this, it is an ideal option for those who are interested in reducing heating costs. Our roofing system also increases interior comfort and safety. Our residential roofing installation service is so simple that anyone can do it. It can be applied to any building material simply by spraying it; however, it is not applicable to certain types of slanted or tiled roofs because the acrylic spray cannot bind to their shape to sufficiently form a watertight surface.The spraying itself is incredibly easy, and most people like to do it themselves; however, if you are unable to do it, we are happy to do it for you. We often spray buildings as small as 1,200 square feet and as large as 100,000 square feet, so we are willing to take jobs of any size. Please visit our contact page if you wish to discuss this service more with us. We will be more than happy to assist you.