What is "White Roof Technology"?
A flexible acrylic coating for sealing and whitening roofs. The most innovative product in the field. Made of highly resistant acrylic resins which, after application, become an elastic protective sheet, preventing moisture, warming and penetration of ultra-violet rays from the sun. The ideal roof sealing product; that reflects and emits the sun's heat back to the sky instea of transferring it to the building below.
Benefits of having White Roof Tech
Our product has excellent adhesive qualities on a great many surfaces, among them exposed concrete, bitumenic coatings, asbestos sheets, tar, metal roof, plywood and polyurethane foam. Creates absolute sealing against water and moisture; its elasticity prevents cracking for at least 8 years; easy to apply, even on complex surfaces, and requires no seams; avoids the need for regular whitewashing of the roof and reduces the general temperature in the structure.
Suggested uses:
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