About Us

We offer cool roof, a spray roofing replacement product. Cool roof is an innovative design that completely replaces the surface of a roof and simultaneously protects it from weather, wear and water damage. It also significantly lowers cooling costs by reducing the amount of heat a roof absorbs. The three-layer spray application process is designed to completely seal the surface of a roof against moisture and heat. In sealing against moisture, the roof is bound together which prevents further damage that may form because of weather changes in the summer or winter caused by rapid temperature differences. This is especially common on roof substances such as asphalt and concrete. It is extremely expensive to replace an entire roof, but employing rubber spray roofing is a much cheaper and effective solution. This will not only replace your cracked roof with a new, rubber system, but it will also ensure that it becomes energy efficient in the future, because our rubber roof coating also reflects sunlight that hits a roof rather than absorbing it and radiating it into the building below like asphalt, concrete, and metal do.
How can the White Roof Technology help a Smooth Built Up or Mod Bit Roof?
Traditional asphalt-based roofing weathers from the bottom-up. The oils leach from the asphalt, leaving a dry, brittle substrate. As a result, the roof is less flexible and less able to expand/contract with the building as it heats/cools throughout the day.
Dark colored asphalt-based roofs heat up quickly and can reach temperatures of over 180 degrees F.
If an afternoon thundershower appears, the rain rapidly cools the roof surface. The asphaltic roof surface doesn't handle this drastic temperature change well, resulting in thermal shock causing cracks and premature weathering . As a Smooth BURweathers, it cracks - resulting in leaks. As the Mod Bit seams become weathered and brittle, they begin to pull apart from one another, causing leaks. Traditional asphaltic roofing was designed to be torn off and replaced.
White Roof Technology can extend that roof's life cycle by protecting it from the number one threat:
the sun. A seamless roof coating system is a cost effective solution to the roof tear of/re-roofing cycle. White Roof Technology is an acrylic roofing system. As an acrylic, it remains permanently flexible.